Fablusi™ solutions to online role-play simulations (RPS) for teaching and training.

Author, Administrator and Moderator Information

Fablusi is a fully integrated pedagogical design and technology platform. The platform delivers a tried and proven pedagogical strategy - Experiential Learning - or more technically - Dynamic Goal Based Learning - applicable across all human historical, political, social organizational and institutional subject domains.

Of course we are not, nor cannot, be experts in all these domains. What we endeavour to achieve and are committed to do, is to be the best providers of pedagogical design and technical delivery of online role play simulations. If you find our pedagogy in line with yours, if you find our technology robust and reliable and if you are subject matter expert in a field which you believe can benefit from our ideas and technology, please contact us to become a partner .

Authors (Subject matter experts), on their own or together with our role play simulation designer, create the simulation template using our web-based authoring tool. For more information, Download our Designsheet v3. At Fablusi™ the author retains all copyright and intellectual property rights. We do however ask authors to allow Fablusi™ to retain the exclusive right to use the content for online role play simulations - See Conditions of Use.

Administrators, create worlds based on a selected simulation template. To administer a simulation you MUST REGISTER as an Author. Adminstrators create role selection pages and distribute these role selection pages to potential players. The Administrator also contacts Moderators and organises the delivery of the role play simulation. Custom changes may be made to these worlds without affecting other worlds based on the same templates. The author may apply limits on how much administrators and moderators may change the simulation design. .

Moderator looks after the welfare of the players in the simulation worlds. The tasks of moderator is multi-faceted. See "The Zen of Being an Effective 'MOD' in Role-Play Simulations" (.pdf) on this subject.

Players, engaged in role play simulation, take possession of a persona and try to achieve the goals of the persona within the boundary set by the author. Learning occurs as the players reflect on the questions they must ask themselves "Given this situation, what would I do?" AND "Given this situation, what should this persona I am playing do?". Because of the asynchronous nature of our online role play simulations, the players have the opportunity to research and discuss strategies with their team (if they are playing in teams). Such constant reflections, research (finding out what other people may do under the situation), discussions and articulation (with and to the team members) create a powerful pedagogy to effect attitude-changing learning. The game goals in the role play simulation keep the motivation of the player. The constant changing dynamic scenarios is absorbing.

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