THE FABLUSI™ ONLINE RPS* PLATFORM enables learning experiences that deliver real change. By taking on and playing the persona of a role learners are led to reflect on the material from the perspective of personal experience and identity. This deep reflection is enhanced by being able to act out possibilities and confront consequences in a safe, and collaborative environment.


Role-playing has been used as a teaching tool in many areas and disciplines for a very long time. The idea behind using role-play simulation as a pedagogical tool relies on the fact that experience is the best teacher.

Fablusi™ simulations are aimed at modeling human interactions and relationships, such as those encountered in the study of politics or institutional and organizational Management Training where understanding and developing strategic thinking and acting capacities in a dynamic environment are important.

Or for Interactive Language aquisition where use in appropriate and relevant contexts increases learning retension rates.

Professional Online Training, eLearning, Distance Education & Online Teaching and Learning:

The role-play simulations authored by the Fablusi software are flexible and customizable online interactive environments simulating chosen aspects of social, political and/or organizational contexts.

Learners are immersed in situated contexts that highlight learning objectives and both demand and encourage active and collaborative knowledge construction. The effect is a dynamic experience of the course content.

The flexibility of the authoring environment enables authors to design experiential learning spaces in which participants act out their roles subject to the privileges and constraints designed into the simulation by its author.

It can be used to create Dynamic Scenarios or a series of interonnected cases for Case Based Learning, embed problems in contexts for Problem Based Learning or to create integrated activities for Dynamic Goal-based Learning.

Papers and Publications


  • Ensure anonymity or Reveal the players behind the "persona"
  • Create multiple Worlds
  • Administer and Monitor events
  • Evaluate work with the Assessement Assistant
  • Automated role allocation
  • Intervene in critical stages
  • and many more important features.

Authoring Software

You don't need to know any web programming to create a dynamic RPS*.

Our web-based authoring, administrative and moderation environment streamlines your tasks in creation, management and running of a online RPS*.

The new style sheet based run time environment supports flexible designs to meet the most demanding training needs.

Design Sheet

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