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In essence, our partner program consists of developing role-play simulations with educational and training institutions for particular types of courses or markets. Depending on the particular circumstances we may share both development and running costs for creating simulations using our software. Obviously we would expect under these circumstances to also be proportionately rewarded.

This is a two-sided partnership. You provide your expertise in your subject area and we provide our expertise in our pedagogical design and technology platform. The result of the partnership should produce better solutions for our common client-base: more powerful and effective training, better retention, positive return of investment and true change of attitudes and behaviour.

As our partners, you have early access to our thinking and technology. You can influence our development direction by providing us with wish-lists. You can get help from us in designing role play simulations for wider markets in your subject area.

If you have an idea you would like to explore with us, or require more information - please Contact Us

If the only tool you have is a hammer, you will see every problem as a nail. - Abraham Maslow Associates

If you share our believe that learning is not just presentation of content, that learning is an experience and that life-long learning and training is critical to the survival of modern society, we like to invite you, like-minded people, to join us and form a partnership to develop and deliver high quality learning and training using role play simulations. We will share our tool, knowledge and expertise. When we discuss training and educational solutions with any of our potential clients, we can truely present a more holistic solution - drawing from tools from other associates. If you are interested, please contact us.

The Strategic Experiential Education Group (SEEG) at the US Army War College provides US Army officers at the college with strategic thinking games, simulations and role-plays SEEG

Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology (SIAST) is an innovative leader in technical education in Canada that among other courses provides professional Nursing education SIAST

South Gippsland TAFE An Australian education and training institution providing professional training to the corporate and educational sectors. South Gippsland TAFE

Global Learning An International project based at the Wichita University Global Learning is an information website for promoting role play simulations in teaching and learning. Visit

Simplay.Net / SimLit.Net / PolSim.Net are websites where you can try out online role play simulations for teaching and learning. Visit / SimLit.Net / PolSim.Net.

SnapSurvey A data collection site offering free evaluation data collection for Fablusi users. SnapSurvey

Digital Learning Systems P/L Putting learning back to digital systems. A company specialising in eLearning implementation consultancy - part-owner of Fablusi. Digital Learning Systems P/L The Course Player from enables elearning professionals to deliver SCORM-compliant courses on CD or SCORM-compliant courses using a static web server.

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