Fablusi™ solutions to online role-play simulations (RPS) for teaching and training.


RPS Generator with Authoring, Management and Delivery tools100 user-accounts
An expanded capability RPS Generator with Authoring Management and Delivery tools 300 user-accounts
A Pro online RPS Generator with Authoring Management and Delivery tools 1000 user-accounts
Institutional online RPS Generator with Authoring Management and Delivery tools3000 user-accounts
Institution installed full version of the server software with perpetual license. Unlimted user-accounts
A Free downloadable RPS Design Worksheet. A helpful way to organize and design any RPS.


Full Simulation Management:
We design, author and run your online role-play simulations (including moderating and mentoring your moderators).

Training and Development:
We routinely run workshops on authoring, moderating and the use of online role-play simulations. Contact us for the latest offering, or to consult us about the specific training requirements of your organization.

Simulation Design Consultancy :
Providing our clients specialist services, we will help custom design and develop simulations to meet special requirements and applications.

Pedagogical Consultancy:
We have developed a complete pedagogical design to support the use of this powerful learning strategy. Our founders are leading experts in the field and are happy to speak at your special events, present seminars and/or run tutorials. Our presentations are lively, engaging, powerful, enthusiastic and informative. Please contact us for fee information and schedule.

Publishing Service:
Many of our authors would like to share their creation with other trainers or academics. We act as their publisher, controlling the quality of the online role-play simulation and promoting appropriate simulations to the appropriate audiences.

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