Preferred Browser

For Authoring and Administration you MUST use Firefox

For Playing we recommend using Firefox but you can also use other browsers including Internet Explorer (IE) 6 or higher. We found that IE7 has a number of problems and we recommend against using that browser. Internet Explorer 8 beta is much better.

Note that whatever browser you are going to use, you MUST enable pop-up for to work properly.

"Access is denied" error message when using IE

Microsoft acknowledges that this is a problem if you are using Windows XP Service Pack 2 or you have Internet Explorer 6 Service Pack 1 (SP1) installed. See their website. If you are experiencing this problem, please install the fix as suggested by Microsoft. [This advice is given as a recommendation and we cannot be responsible for any damage that may cause.]

We also notice that this problem occurs mostly when you repeatedly click a link quickly. If you still want to use IE, please wait about 5 sec before click a link after your last click. The error typically goes away when you click the link again after a short while. Sorry, this error is out of our control. We suggest you switch to FireFox as your default browser.

Remove IE Clicking Sounds

IE may produce an clicking sound every time there is a background connection to the server. This is how to remove that clicking sound.

Working with Other Broswers

Internet Explorer 6.0+: read this

Netscape 8.0.1: read this

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